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Welcome to The Haven Spa.

Virtual Voucher

A scheme set up to say

 Thank You to our Key Workers.

Virtual Vouchers 

There are a great many of us who will have been affected in one way or another by C19.

There are a group of people who are described as key workers. 

This includes our incredible NHS personnel.

Many of us feel that we need a way  to show our thanks and support to these amazing people.

This is our way of letting them know how grateful we are to them.

For Every £10 Virtual Voucher Purchased, we will increase the value to £15

This is how it will work

Buying a Virtual Voucher.

1. Virtual Vouchers are  only available in denominations of £10.  Go through the checkout.  It's via paypal. 

2. You have now purchased a Virtual Voucher for a key worker. Thank you for being part of something positive. 

3. You are welcome to nominate a key work group,  otherwise your Virtual Voucher will default to NHS personnel. 

4. You are welcome to nominate the Virtual Voucher you have purchased to be used by an individual. 

5. You are welcome to purchase more than one Virtual Voucher

6. We would like to let the recipient know whom has gifted them a treat. So, unless you tell us other wise we will supply the recipient with your name and contact details. Because, i'm sure they would like to thank you. 

7. Your name and voucher purchases will be kept private, other than stated above. 

Redeeming a Virtual Voucher

 When a key worker would like to redeem one of the virtual vouchers.

8. They will contact us at and make a booking, declaring they are a key worker. 

9. When the key worker arrives they will receive their treatment and provide us with relevant key worker ID. 

£15 will be deducted from the cost of their treatment. 

10. One Virtual Voucher per key worker, unless they have an individual nominated Virtual Voucher that has been gifted to them.

Our Part.

11. We will contact the HR department at East Kent Hospitals Trust and advise that  there are treatment 

Virtual Vouchers available to the NHS staff. 

12. If a separate key worker group has been nominated we will also contact the HR department within that organisation. 

We will post regular updates of when and whom we have made contact with within the relevant organisations. 

There will be a facebook and instagram post and this page will be regularly updated with the vouchers that have been purchased and the total amount. 

This is a brand new scheme and has never been run before. 

There may be wrinkles in the scheme and we do invite all advice and discussion that will ensure the success of it. 

These will all be considered and if they are actioned will be dated and displayed that they are amendments. 

If you are on facebook @thehavenspaatmode or click the Facebook Link at the bottom of this page. 

 Instagram @thehavenspaatmode or click the Instagram Link at the bottom of this page. 

 Please like, share , comment, emoji, tag people, add it your story, add to your time line, anything.

Anything that will get the algorithms to sit up and take notice. 


Virtual Voucher

I would like to make a difference, do something positive and purchase a Virtual Voucher for either our incredible NHS Staff or one of the key working organisations that I will nominate. 

For each £10 Virtual Voucher purchased, The Haven Spa

 will increase the value of the Virtual Voucher to £15.

Virtual Voucher
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