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Special Offers 

All About Our Monthly 

Treatment & Product Offers

May Offer 30% Off Body Re-sculpture

Targets and destroys fat cells

Sound waves penetrate the tissues targeting the fat cells, causing the structural integrity to be compromised thus making them implode.

The fatty deposits and toxins are then expelled via the lymphatic system.

Ultrasonic cavitation will also improve skin texture, reshape the body by tightening and lifting the skin as well as permanent removal of fatty deposits and toxins, improve lymph and blood circulation, tighten the existing elastin and collagen in the skin and encourage the

fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin at a faster rate.

It does not involve any surgery, pain or anaesthesia. The continuation of life is not interrupted. 

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Hot Stone Massage 

Just as soon as we can !

Temporarily Off The Menu 

Back Neck & Shoulders 30 mins £20

Back Neck & Shoulders 45 mins £25

Lower Leg & Foot Massage 30 mins £20

Hot Stone Facial 60 mins £30

Full Body Massage 60 mins £30

Full Body & Face 90 mins £45

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

*Relieve muscle spasm, pain, tension & improve the muscle relaxation.

*Releases toxins & improves skin appearance

*Significantly reduce stress & anxiety

*Improves blood circulation and flow of energy

*Helps to promote better sleeps

*Helps to reduce & manage stress

*Helps to create a sense of comfort and warmth

*Helps in decreasing cancer symptoms

*Helps in relieving the symptoms of autoimmune diseases

*Helps in increasing joint flexibility