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​Radio Frequency

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Radio Frequency Rejuvenation Facial 

60 mins £65

Using highly concentrated Q10, Hyaluronic Acid and oxygen response serum to improve the cells ability to utilise oxygen to aid skin renewal, increase the skins fibre capabilities and toxin removal. 

Pomerganite Extracts strength comes from ellagic acid a polyphenol which is a type of super anti-oxidant. Seeks out and neutralises cell damaging free radical as result of UV exposure, pollution and natural ageing.

Fucus Vesiculosis Extract supports the strength of the fibroblasts necessary for tissue regeneration

1 x Facial Rejuvenation £65

6 x Facial Rejuvenation £350

For effective results the recommendation is 6 treatments . 

Either two once a week for three weeks or one, once a week for six weeks. 

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Radio Frequency Rejuvenation Facial 

with Anti Ageing 

LED Therapy

90 mins £85

Using Oxygen response and highly concentrated Q10 and HA serums. 

Combined with the anti oxidant soothing electrical gel that we use with all our Radio Frequency treatments, which soothes and hydrates, your skin will be supremely nourished. 

LED therapy also increases the biological process of elastin and collagen production within the skin. 

When using LED the cells grow 150%-200% faster, causing the cell walls of the capillaries to strengthen. 

1 x Facial Rejuvenation & LED £85

 6 x Facial rejuvenation & LED £460

For effective results the recommendation is 6 treatments.

Either two once a week for three weeks or one ,once a week for six weeks. 

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Eye Rejuvenation


 Lip rejuvenation 

30 mins 


Using oxygen response and highly concentrated Q10 & hyaluronic acid combined with the specialist nourishing eye complex to maintain skin integrity.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide 5 stimulates collagen and elastin fibres which provide more strength and support to the skin

This will reinvigorate tired eyes, reduce the wrinkles around the eyes, lift and smooth the delicate tissue around the eye area. 

The Lip rejuvenation will help to smooth, reduce and minimise lines along the top lip and around the mouth. 

1 x Eye or Lip Rejuvenation £35

6 x Eye  or Lip Rejuvenation £170

For effective results the recommendation is 6 treatments.

Either two once a week for three weeks or one ,once a week for six weeks.

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Home Care 

One week prior to an RF treatment it is advisable to refrain from using retinol  or any other photosensitising product .

Ideally two weeks before your treatment, and throughout the duration of a course it would be advisable to prepare your skin with specialist products to encourage cell regeneration and skin renewal. 

We offer a wide range of multi award winning skin care and for those who are about to undertake and are receiving  Radio Frequency treatments we recommend any of the following

* Line Minimising Serum

* Ekseption / Mesotherapy Range

* Ultra Soothing Range

*Soothing Range 

*Eve Taylor Day Cream SPF30

*Eve Taylor Night Cream 

*Rejuvenating Aromatic Serum No 1

*Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic  Acid

*Firming Serum

*Brightening Serum

* Ultra Bright  C+ ( contains a light reflective tint) SPF30

To further encourage cell regeneration and renewal we recommend the multi award winning and favoured by celebrities Hayo'u Facial Massage Tools as Home Care

The NEWA Home Radio Frequency Device is ideal to use between treatments. Please talk to your therapist regarding usage. 

Purchase yours here

We would be delighted to answer any questions or queries 

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