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 Facials designed for the individual

Bespoke Facial 

Whether you have Roseaca, Sensitive, Mature, Combination, Oily, Environmentally Impacted or in need of intense Hydration or Pampering, your skin can benefit from these Bespoke Facials. 

Helping to refresh, rejuvenate, rebalance, resurge moisture and brighten, lighten. 

Assisting to smooth wrinkles or fine lines, minimise open pores & blemishes, replenish and tighten, these Bespoke Facials will be designed specifically just for you .

60 mins £37

Course of 4 x 60 mins £120

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Advanced Bespoke Facial 

An intensive combination of Bespoke Facials for skin in need of a little more tender loving care. 

Tailor made facials, specifically designed for how your skin is at each appointment. 

To achieve the best results, a combination of Microdermabrasion, Ultrasound, LED Light Therapy, Thermotherapy or Cryotherapy may be used. In balance with specific products to help your skin to achieve the best it can be.

60 mins £65

Course of 4 x 60 mins £240

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Skin Profiling

Skin Profiling is a one to one consultation with your therapist. 

The skin will be cleansed clean so a correct analysis can be carried out.

This is to establish current skin concerns and help assess influencing factors, such as current home care, environmental impacts.

This will enable us to devise a tailor made skin care programme to meet your skin care needs.  

The consultation fee is redeemable by the individual  against any 

Facial,Facial Course  or 

Skincare Products., minimum spend £60

30 mins £15

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