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LED Light Therapy

The Haven Spa @ Mode

Coxhill, Shepherdswell

CT15 7NN

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LED Light Therapy

LED Light Technology was discovered by NASA when experimenting how to grow plants in space, it has since been adopted and adapted by the beauty industry as a way to increase collagen and elastin, creating anti -ageing proteins, encourage detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

It is a simple treatment that causes no client discomfort. 

Different coloured LED Lights are applied to the skin in different wave lengths and light intensity , 

thus encouraging the different skin receptors to create a sequence of bio reactions.  

When using LED Light the cells grow 150%-200% faster, causing the cell walls of the capillaries to become strengthened.  treating roseaca, eczema, psoriasis, problematic skin,  and detoxification during body wraps.

When undertaking a course of treatments for radiant skin we recommend a course of five, once a week treatments followed by monthly LED treatments. 

When used to treat a specific issue weekly or fortnightly treatments may be advised by your therapist. 

These can be as part of another facial or as a stand alone LED Treatment. 

A noticeable improvement can be seen after a single session, however the optimum benefit of LED facials may not become 

apparent until three months after the initial treatment. 

 LED Treatment

25 mins £30

Individual LED Therapy treatments. 

Particularly suitable for


*Increasing elastin and collagen 



*Problematic Skin

* Hormonal breakouts

* Anti Ageing Treatment 

Specialist products including oxygen response are used to intensify the potency of this treatment.

Facial and Body LED Therapy is available. 

25 mins £30

6 x 25 mins £150

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Rosacea Facial 

with LED

75 mins £50

A calming and soothing facial, designed to be particularly effective for those with hyper sensitive skin or prone to irritation and inflammation and those with rosacea

Anti inflammatory properties combine to increase, capillary strength while collectively reduce irritation and redness.

Glycerin will bind moisture to deeply hydrate the skin and

GLA reduces sensitivity in the skin.

An organic colloidal oatmeal masque

leaves the skin silky smooth, soft and supple

Also included is a sumptuous massage of the arm and hand.

1 x 75 mins  £50

6 x 75 mins £270

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Phototherapy Facial

75 mins £50

The Phototherapy Facial uses LED  Light Technology of different colours of varying intensity and wave length.

This advanced facial  is suitable for 

* Reducing excess sebum

* Increasing elastin and collagen 

* Anti ageing treatment

* Can assist in repairing sun damage

*Improves general healing of the skin

* Increases the oxygenation of

 blood cells and circulation

*Ideal post holiday facial

* Suitable post illness or times of stress

Specialist products including oxygen response are used to intensify the potency of this treatment. 

Pomerganite Extracts strength comes from ellagic acid a polyphenol which is a type of super anti-oxidant. 

Seeks out and neutralises cell damaging free radical as result of UV exposure, pollution and natural ageing.

Fucus Vesiculosis Extract supports the strength of the fibroblasts necessary for tissue regeneration

75 mins £60

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Home Care

Good home care will always increase the effectiveness of any salon facial. 

By using specific products to enhance an LED facial will achieve better long term results.

The cleansers, toners, moisturisers and SPF chosen should all be suitable for your skin type. 

For specialist skin specifics we recommend the following:  

For sun damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and to fight the effects of ageing, Illuminating Serum or Brightening Serum As this also contains powerful anti oxidants that guard against free radicals to help reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. 

To maintain hydration and as a first layered serum, Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, our Eve Taylor one is 50%.


For Rosacea we advice the Aromatic Calming Serum.

Retinol creams and serums, these are best advised by your therapist. 

All products are available to purchase in salon or via our sister website

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have and offer tailor made advice.