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Covid 19 Changes

We are so very excited to welcome you back to 

The Haven Spa @ Mode. 

We are sure that you will understand that there will be certain changes to how we now offer our wonderful services to you 

At the time of writing, 6th September 2020  these are the adaptations that are in place. It is a very fluid situation and we are sure you can appreciate that the changes implemented may also be adapted. 


* Consultation Forms. 

These are now all done electronically. Before your appointment you will have been emailed a consultation form. There may be more than one form for you to complete. They care easily and quickly completed on a phone, tablet and personal computer. 

The form(s) MUST be completed and returned prior to your appointment. No consultation form, no treatment !

* Please Arrive On Time For Your Appointment. Not Early.

This is because we need to ensure the minimum amount of people are in the salon at any one time. There is also no longer any where to wait inside.

The situation is still very fluid and as such we hope that you will understand that changes may be made to these adaptations.

As always your safety is of paramount importance and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us 

* Hand Sanitisers & Temperature Taking

Upon your arrival we will greet you with hand sanitiser and a mask if you are not already wearing one. 

We will also take your temperature with a non contact temperature device. 

We will then go to the to the treatment room together. 

Because you will have arrived on time we will be ready and waiting for you. 

* Personal Belongings

Please try to keep the amount of personal belongings you bring into the salon to a minimum. 

There will be a plain plastic container for you to place your belongings and items of clothing, should you need to disrobe, Shoes remain on the floor. 

* Appointment Times

There will be an extended buffer time between each appointment. 

This ensures the amount of persons at any one time within the salon is kept to a minimum. It also gives us additional time to carry out the additional sanitising actions that we have in place. Should you feel that you may require additional time with your therapists please advice at time of booking 

* On Line Booking

On line booking is available, via the app and on the book now buttons below each of the treatments on the website. 

There may be the necessity to adjust your treatment time by a few minutes to ensure that we have sufficient buffer time between bookings. 

Should this need to be done we will of course give you as much prior notice as possible. 

* Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral Actions

We will continue to use Barbicide which is a hospital grade disinfectant within the treatment room

We have engaged the services of to regularly decontaminate the area. This involves using a specialist fogging equipment that removes 99.99% of all harmful pathogens, bacteria and viruses. It has been proven effective against the Corona virus. 


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.