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Christmas 2019 

From The Award Winning Eve Taylor 

Loved One Gift Package 

to a wide choice of Gift Vouchers

The Haven Spa @ Mode

Coxhill, Shepherdswell

CT15 7NN

07813 893148

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Loved One Gift Package

Give your loved one the perfect packaged gift this Christmas. 

Each Package Contains Full Size Products

Contour Correction Cream Instantly smoothes the area lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Peptides works to build and strengthen the skin improving skin integrity. Reduces nerve signals to the muscles resulting smoother, younger looking skin. (£30) 

Day CreamCeramide 3 helps retain moisture within the epidermis to restore the barrier function and strengthening the skin. (£15.40 ) 

Night Cream - A nourishing moisturiser that readily absorbs into the skin leaving skin smooth and supple. A perfect balance of nourishment and hydration to help ward off the signs of ageing. Natural essential oils boost the skins regenerative abilities. (£12.70)

Gift Voucher £30  - For The Haven Spa. Can be used for any one of our beautiful treatments or award winning products. 

Revitalising Serum  - Anti-oxidant rich oils fight free radicals preserving skin integrity.

Phyto-nurient rich oils supply essential fatty acids to lipid dry skins (£12.49)

Regular Price £100.59

Christmas 2019 Loved One Package Price £80. 

Limited Quantity Available

Loved One Package
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