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Inch Loss Body Wraps

Inch Loss Body Wrap

Why Inch Loss and Not Weight loss?

Firstly it is good to understand the different types of fat.

Soft Fat.

This is adipose found underneath the dermis of the skin. It varies in thickness and tends to wobble when touched. Responds well to diet, exercise and spa treatments. Inch loss wrap may help but is not designed to remove this type of tissue.

Hard Fat.

Often has a layer of soft fat over the top. Has been present for some time so is much more difficult to loose. Again diet and exercise will alleviate this tissue. Inch loss body wraps are not designed for this.

Trapped Fat.

Hard or soft fat which has become trapped within muscle fibre. Usually occurs with those who have once been very fit and muscular at one time then ceased to exercise. Primarily the muscle is lost and replaced with fat within the muscle fibres. Inch loss body wraps are not designed to remove this type of fat.


Mostly found in women around the thighs and buttocks. Presumed to occur when interstitial fluid leaks out of damaged cells and becomes trapped between fat cells, ( where the dimpled, orange peel effect is seen on the skin surface) making it difficult to remove.

Cellulite has no pre disposition so can appear on any woman, no matter what her shape or size.

Diet & exercise may help as will Inch Loss Wraps !!!

 ( They can also often help reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well)

Why does it work well on cellulite?

The wrap and specifically produced gel encourage the interstitial fluid and some of the trapped fat and damaged cells, and breaks down toxins by causing them to be compressed then released via the skin and lymphatic system.

How long will the effects last.

The products and techniques used have been designed to be active for up to 72 hours.

Inch Loss Body wraps also stimulate circulation, help to optimise the lymphatic system, eliminate toxins ( including medicines and alcohol ) encourage cell regeneration, desquamation and hydration of the skin.

Inches are lost through the drawing out of fluid and toxins and the reason it only lasts up to 72 hours is because the interstitial fluid will be replaced over that time by the intake of fluid back into the system.

How many inches will be lost.

Unlike some salons and spas we do not take a plethora of measurements. Key points on the legs, buttocks, stomach and arms are taken so the 'total amount of inches lost' may be smaller than with other therapists. For example, exactly the same treatment could be carried out on exactly the same person but the 'total amount of inches lost' may be twelve with another therapist but only six with us. This is simply because we have chosen to take less measurements overall.

The average inch loss is between four and eight inches.

How to get the maximum results for your body.

A change in diet, exercise, regular inch loss body treatments and regular massage can assist in eliminating waste, fat and toxins permanently.

Providing that the fluid reintroduced into the body is primarily water Inch Loss Body Wraps can also help with a long term weight loss goal, a correct plan of healthy eating and exercise is also essential.

It is always important to seek professional medical advice before undertaking a lifestyle change.

When & How Frequently should the Inch Loss Body Wraps be carried out?

This depends on what an individual is trying to achieve.

If there is a special Little Black Dress to be worn for an evening then the wrap can be carried out the day before or on the day for maximum effect.

If preparations are being carried out for a special occasion ie wedding or holiday then a course is recommended.

This gives a greater opportunity for more toxins to be broken down and removed over a period of time. The industry standard is three treatments in a course. With a minimum of forty eight hours and a maximum of two weeks between treatments.

Inch Loss Body Wrap

75 mins

Single Body Wrap £55

Course of Two Wraps £95

Course of Three Wraps £150

Course of Four Wraps £205

Add Facial Diamond Polish Microdermabrasion for £17

per session

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Optimum Body Wrap

120 mins

Body Wrap & a Full Body Massage to encourage toxin removal, fatty deposit breakdown and lymphatic drainage.

Single Optimum £80

Course of Two Wraps £145

Course of Three Wraps £225

Course of Four Wraps £290

Add Facial Diamond Polish MIcrodermabrasion for £17

per session.

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Legs, Bum & Tum Detox

60 mins £37

Flush and cleanse the “lazy areas” of the body with the Legs, Bum & Tum

Detox Treatment.

Combining expert massage techniques with our blend of

pure essential oils specifically formulated to warm, stimulate and eliminate

toxins leaving the skin smoother, fresher and more vibrant.

A cooling body

mask is smoothed over the area to infuse natural botanicals for enhanced



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