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Body Re-Shaping

Ultrasonic Cavitation

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Ultrasonic Cavitation

Targets and destroys fat cells

Sound waves penetrate the tissues targeting the fat cells, causing the structural integrity to be compromised thus making them implode. 

The fatty deposits and toxins are then expelled via the lymphatic system.

Ultrasonic cavitation will also improve skin texture, reshape the body by tightening and lifting the skin as well as permanent removal of fatty deposits and toxins, improve lymph and blood circulation, tighten the existing elastin and collagen in the skin and encourage the 

fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin at a faster rate. 

It does not involve any surgery, pain or anaesthesia. The continuation of life is not interrupted. 

Ultrasonic cavitation creates instant inch loss, as well as long term reduction in stubborn areas that are resistant to exercise. 

Radio Frequency is used to heat the lipid cells which boost the metabolic rate and increases the secretion of the lipid molecules into the lymph and vascular system. These lipid cells are digested by the liver and secreted by the body through the kidneys and digestive system. 

A full consultation at least 48 hours is required prior to the initial treatment. This can be carried out in person or via phone and email. 

There is some preparation work to be done before the first treatment. full aftercare advice and literature will also be provide. 

Ultrasonic Cavitation should be combined with a healthy lifestyle.

We recommend all clients to use the Ultrasonic Cavitation Home Care Pack as this will enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Treatment Frequency.

Ideally a course of 6-12 sessions. Spaced three days apart for the first three sessions. Then the remaining sessions weekly. Followed by four monthly maintenance treatments and ending with four treatments a year. 

As always we do advocate that you are welcome to try one treatment, then make the decision to convert onto a course. 

Payment plans are available at no extra cost.

Tummy Re-sculpture

Stubborn areas of fatty deposits around the tummy area can be 

targeted and removed. 

Ultrasonic cavitation on the tummy will lift, tone reshape and 

re sculpture the stomach. 

It will also assist in removing and diminishing  the appearance  of cellulite that may be apparent. 

60 mins £90 

6 x 60 mins £500 

10 x 60 mins £750

Maintenance Treatment £75

Course conversions & payment options are available.

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Over time fatty tissue builds up and settles in certain areas of the body. 

Ultrasonic cavitation on the thighs will tackle reshape the legs to become firmer on tone and texture. It will also reduce cellulite and minimise and possibly remove the dimpled appearance. 

60 mins £90 

6 x 60 mins £500

10 x 60 mins £750

Maintenance Treatment £75

Course conversions & payment options are available . 

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Area Specific 

Areas of specific concern may be addressed. For example. 

 Upper Arms , Back  & Bra Area, Cellulite, Thighs, Hips,

Inner Calves,

More than one area may be treated during an individual session. 

This will vary between individuals and will be discussed with your therapist prior to carrying out a treatment. 

Cost is for treatment times

30 mins £50 

6 x 30 mins £270

10 x 30 mins £400

Maintenance Treatment £40

Area Specific courses will be discussed at the time of consultation. 

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Ultrasonic Cavitation 

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